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This is one of the most friendly gyms I have experienced, from the coaches to the other members. They are always looking to improve the experience for its members, whether with the latest equipment or with the digital booking systems and ways to track you workouts. The coaches are all very experienced and no matter what previous experience you’ve had they are able to adapt and provide alternatives to ensure that the workout/movements are being performed correctly and safely. I can’t recommend this gym highly enough.

Callum Dear


The coaches are brill, very knowledgeable and SO encouraging. Every workout is scalable to your ability. As someone who is still new to this gym, I can tell you I’ve always felt welcome, it’s never been intimidating. The members are warm, friendly and ready to be your cheerleader in a heart beat!

Megan Savage

Communication, Professionalism, Quality

CrossFit Bristol North is my happy place. I absolutely love it. Not only is it a beautiful space with the all the best equipment…the coaches and members are amazing and it has such a great community feel. Hands down the best gym in Bristol!!!

Rhiannon St Leger

Excellent facilities. Friendly staff. First purpose built place I’ve been for CrossFit and it’s still good value for money. Can’t recommend it enough.

James Mash

Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I was a total newbie to CrossFit when I joined last year. I was met by a very welcoming team. The coaches are knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging.
Highly recommend this place and it’s also highly addictive.

Sigrid Gilleberg

Amazing place! After attending regular commercial gyms for over a decade, I was fed up with doing the same old routine and the isolated way of training they inherently promote- every one doing their own thing with headphones in. TribalFit really has a community feel. Just having every one there doing the same work out at the same time makes me feel like im part of something bigger than my own training. The programming is taken care of so no more need to plan myself or hop between online programmes. The coaches are experienced and encouraging and I’m hooked already. Anyone who is unsure and has heard CrossFit is too extreme, everything, and I mean everything, can be scaled down so you do a version which is right for you.

Richie Bennett