PCI DSS Compliance

At Elavon, we hold payment security as our first priority. That’s why we created Secured by Elavon, a simple security programme that provides everything you need to keep your business protected – from achieving Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance to securing your customers’ data throughout transactions.

The PCI DSS is a set of requirements for enhancing payment account data security. These standards were developed by the PCI Security Standards Council, which was founded by Visa®, MasterCard®, JCB®, Discover® and American Express® to facilitate industry-wide adoption of consistent data security measures on a global basis.

It applies to all businesses that take credit and debit cards, regardless of size or transaction volume. Any business involved in the storage, processing and/or transmission of payment card numbers must comply.

The fallout of non-compliance has a domino effect on your business, as the financial implications of a breach can destroy customers of any size. You can mitigate risk by maintaining compliance and providing verification and certification as required by the industry. By following the standardised PCI DSS procedures, you can:

  1. Protect your customers’ personal data
  2. Boost customer confidence through a higher level of data security
  3. Insulate your organisation from financial losses and remediation costs
  4. Maintain customer trust and safeguard the reputation of your brand

Welcome to Secured by Elavon

As a new customer, your business is automatically enrolled to Secured by Elavon. This enables you to get your PCI DSS compliance certification, as well as manage your ongoing compliance programme.

Your business keeps you busy enough, so you might prefer to save time and let Elavon manage your PCI Compliance for you. If you do, then Secured Pro is the right option for you.

Secured Pro, managed by Elavon, offers you enhanced protection against fraud and payment security breaches, making sure your business looks after its customers and its reputation. Whether you’re signing up for the first time or renewing, Secured Pro means we manage your compliance process for you, contacting you when an action is due and working together to complete it successfully. No more worrying about your certification expiring or your fraud processes not being up to scratch.

What’s more, with Secured Pro you also benefit from our PCI Waiver Programme.
Depending on your level of PCI compliance, liability for fines may be waived.

Secured Pro in detail

A non-compliant payment processing environment is susceptible to a security breach, such as a hacker stealing your customers’ payment card information. Secured Pro includes a range of scan checks that ensure your payments processing environment keeps the bad guys out and protects your business against the potential risk of fraud:

Network Perimeter Scan

This scan assesses the security position of your internet-facing systems for any vulnerabilities, providing you with a report that identifies possible entry points so that you can close them up.

Device Security Scan

Protect your computers and mobiles with this scan – it detects any stored customer card information and analyses the system for any current cyber-threats, viruses and malware for peace of mind that your devices are vulnerability free. It’s possible to scan one or thousands of devices in seconds.

Cardholder Data Scan

Protect your computers and mobiles by running this scan. It helps you find and remove any unencrypted credit card numbers on your network. By identifying where you store payment card data you can securely remove it, dramatically reducing the scope of your PCI DSS assessment.

Antivirus Protection

Fight the hackers and ensure your devices are not infected with viruses and other malware, which can disrupt and potentially damage your business.

PCI DSS External Vulnerability Scan

A quarterly scan of all IP ranges and domains to identify any areas of weakness.

POS Application Discovery Scan

It’s important to regularly check and verify your point-of-sale (POS) application against the PCI Security Council list of approved POS Applications to ensure your compliance.