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Don’t join a gym, join a Tribe.

Tribal.Fit is the antidote to boring , sterile feeling leisure-centre style gyms.

Tribal members train together in classes that are designed to make you sweat and push beyond what you thought was possible.

The very best personal trainers coupled with state of the art fitness kit in a massively motivating environment that feels more nightclub than healthclub

Don’t join a gym join a tribe.


Belong. Believe. Become.

Tribal.Fit is the ANTIDOTE.

We Train together We motivate each other.

We believe that if we Train together we motivate each other. If the music is loud and the lights are down the adrenaline kicks in and we train harder than we thought possible. Training should be FUN. Tribal Fit is designed to make you smile as much as make you sweat. A massively motivating environment that incorporates every aspect of fitness. From strength training, Olympic Lifting, Cardio workouts, Functional Fitness through to Yoga techniques designed to aid flexibility.

Tribal.Fit makes you Fit for LIFE.

Whether you are just starting out

Whether you are just starting out and looking to build your fitness, seeking to improve or maintain training Tribally ensures your work out is as much fun as a night out.